Platte County IDA

Industrial Development Authority (IDA)

The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) of Platte County Missouri is organized as an industrial development corporation under Chapter 349 of the Revised Statues of Missouri state statute. The IDA was officially formed in September 1979.

According to Chapter 349 of Missouri statute the IDA can issue bonds to assist in the following activities:

An eligible “Project means the purchase, construction, extension and improvement of plants, buildings, structures, or facilities, whether or not now in existence, including the real estate, used or to be used as a factory, assembly plant, manufacturing plant, processing plant, fabricating plant, distribution center, warehouse building, public facility, waterborne vessels excepting commercial passenger vessels for hire in a city not within a county built prior to 1950, office building, for-profit or not-for-profit hospital, not-for-profit nursing or retirement facility or combination thereof, physical fitness, recreational, indoor and resident outdoor facilities operated by not-for-profit organizations, commercial or agricultural facility, or facilities for the prevention, reduction or control of pollution. Included in all of the above shall be any required fixtures, equipment and machinery. Excluded are facilities designed for the sale or distribution to the public of electricity, gas, water or telephone, together with any other facilities for cable television and those commonly classified as public utilities.”

Over the last few years, the IDA has been quite active, issuing over $100 million in bonds. A majority of these bond projects developed much needed road infrastructure in Platte County.

Issue Date

Project Name


December 2016

Refunding Revenue Bonds 2016 – KCI Corridor TIF Project


August 2016

Zona Rosa CID Refunding


September 2014

Refunding and additional transportation projects in the KCI TIF


Nov 2012

I-29 & Tiffany Springs Parkway Transportation Improvements


May 2012

KCI Corridor Project


Mar 2010

Platte City Market Center CID


Oct 2009

Park Plaza TDD Project


Oct 2007

Zona Rosa Phase II Retail Project


Oct 2007

Zona Rosa Retail Project


Mar 2007

Belgium Bottoms


Mar 2005

Park Plaza Transportation Development District


Dec 2004

KCI Corridor TIF #2


Jan 2002

M-152 & North Ambassador Drive Road Project


If you believe you have a project for the IDA to consider, please download the following files: