KCI Area Development Action Team

Since its inception, the KCI Area Development Action Team has focused on commercial development in and around the KCI Corridor. It was through that effort that the Platte County EDC identified the next KCMO high growth area and its challenges. The 1st and 2nd creek watersheds became Twin Creeks KC Taskforce and through the efforts of the taskforce, sewer was extended in that area. Efforts continue through a new TIF District to improve the transportation infrastructure.

Now it is time to turn our attention to two new taskforces focused on identifying opportunities for development along the I-29 Corridor and the thousands of acres along the west side of KCI Airport.

Meeting Time: First Thursday of each month at 7:30am at the Platte County Resource Center.

Darren Hennen, Olsson 
Duane Soper, Wells Bank

2019 Meeting Minutes: