Get Involved

One of the benefits that many of our members enjoy is participation on one of our Platte County EDC committees and taskforces. All PCEDC members are welcome to participate in our committees. To see when upcoming committee meetings are scheduled and their meeting location, please view our events calendar.

Inclement Weather Policy: In the case of inclement weather, PCEDC will cancel scheduled meetings if the Park Hill School District closes.

Committees and Taskforces

The following are short descriptions of the various opportunities for involvement.

Northland Transportation Committee

The Northland Transportation Committee (NTC) brings together civic, business, and community leaders from Platte, Clay, and Ray counties, united by a shared vision. This vision is centered around cultivating a safe, robust, and efficient transportation network that elevates the quality of life for Northland residents and fuels economic development in the region. Through strategic advocacy, legislative engagement, and meticulous site readiness vetting, the committee works to drive impactful transportation projects that contribute to the sustained growth and prosperity of the Northland. NTC operates through three focused subcommittees, which are:

  • MARC Advocacy – Individuals in this group actively contribute to and serve on MARC boards and committees, communicate and advocated for changes in the project scoring criteria, and provide their expertise and mentorship to others on grant initiatives.
  • Legislative Advocacy – This group maintains a strong connection to the issues at the federal, state, and local levels, championing for substantial funding to benefit the Northland.
  • Site Readiness – This group plays a crucial role in prioritizing Northland projects, including pre-vetting sites based on need, cost, timing, and infrastructure (including utilities and wastewater).

  Meeting Time: The full NTC committee meetings quarterly, while the subcommittees meet monthly. Please contact Santos Arellano II for more details on meeting dates and times.

Platte County Workforce Alliance

The Platte County Workforce Alliance (WFA) unites influential leaders from Platte County’s business sector and educational institutions. Collaboratively, they commission labor studies, facilitate career exploration opportunities for students, foster relationships to elevate employer training, and promote the region as an ideal business destination. Beginning in 2023, the alliance convened multiple times throughout the year to formulate a strategic approach dedicated to maximizing community benefits in workforce development. This culminated in the formation of three specialized subcommittees, each dedicated to refining the alliance’s focus. These subcommittees include:

  • Students: College & Career Readiness – This group collaborates with leaders in secondary and higher education, actively collecting data and providing career exposure opportunities to ensure that high school students are well-equipped for success, whether they choose to purse college or enter the workforce.
  • Adult Learners: Upskilling/Reskilling – Individuals in this group are focused on the continuous learning and skill enhancements of adults currently in the workforce. Through collaboration with federal, state, and regional partners, this committee implements opportunities for upskilling and reskilling for the citizens of Platte County.
  • Talent Attraction – This group partners with local Platte County Businesses to identify their workforce needs, assess local labor data, and works to attract employees to the area. Initiatives can include facilitation of hiring fairs, promotion of job postings, and implementing targeted initiatives with education and industry partners.

  Meeting Time: The full WFA committee meets quarterly, while the subcommittees meet monthly. Please contact Allison Schultz for more details on meeting dates and times.