About Platte County

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Population:  101,187 (2017 estimate) Source: US Census Bureau


  • 1 of 14 counties in the Kansas City, MO-KS metropolitan statistical area (MSA).
  • Approximately 20 percent falls within the Kansas City, MO city limits.
  • The Missouri River is on the County’s western and southern borders.
  • Direct airport access. Platte County is home to the Kansas City International Airport.


  • Platte County’s unemployment rate in April 2018 was 2.6%, which is lower than the KC region’s rate of 3.6% unemployment and the State of Missouri’s rate of 3.6%. See more employment statistics here.
  • Platte County workforce ranks high in availability, quality, stability and productivity according to interviews with existing county businesses. See our Workforce Ratings here.
  • Platte County offers short commute times where miles equal drive time (20 miles = 20 minute drive).
  • Platte County has a wide labor pool of over 1 million work-age people within 30 miles ( Source: 2010 US Census)
  • For a list of Platte County’s Major Employers, click here.