32nd Annual Business Excellence Awards

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The Platte County Economic Development Council celebrated its 32nd Annual Business Excellence Luncheon on Friday, December 3rd at the The Marriott KCI.  Since 1991, the Platte County EDC has given 197 Business Excellence Awards. Thank you to everyone who sponsored this year’s celebration!

  • Kansas City Aviation Department, Event Sponsor
  • Bank of Weston, Gift Sponsor
  • The Solar Guys, Awards Sponsor
  • Zona Rosa, Program Sponsor
  • North Kansas City Hospital, Presentation Sponsor
  • RS Electric, Student Sponsor

The theme for this year’s event was “Cleared for Takeoff” which highlights the excitement and growth seen throughout Platte County, the fastest-growing county in the state of Missouri! It is also appropriately named after this year’s Event Sponsor, as the Kansas City International Airport is anticipating the opening of its brand new terminal in early 2023.

Our five Platte County communities each recognized a local business with the Community Development award for their accomplishments within our area. Three Platte County companies were awarded Business Excellence awards for job creation and/or significant expansion and investment projects. Finally, PCEDC recognized three individuals within the community who have been outstanding partners to the organization and shown great leadership in Platte County.

2022 Community Development Awards

The Community Development Award recognizes civic and business leadership in five Platte County communities. Each of the businesses recognized is a successful and integral part of Platte County, capturing the spirit of community far beyond serving their customers’ needs.

Mayor Kent Stelljes, Dena Minor, PCEDC Chair Scott Zigler, PCEDC Vice-Chair Lauren Kepler

Weston Community Development Award winner: Weston Café

After moving to Platte County for her husband’s job, Dena Minor started working at Weston Café as a waitress, moving into a management role within six months. Soon after, she purchased the café and building. The café has many regular customers and Dena mentions the people are her favorite part of her business and they make the café a warm and friendly place to be.

Dena is an integral part of Weston, and she selflessly gives back to the people within the community. Mayor Stelljes says, “Her kindness to everyone who walks in the doors of Weston Café is exceptional. Visitors are greeted with the friendliest and kindest faces at the café and she always ensures a seat for fellow Weston residents. Her contributions to the growth of our town while preserving who we are is often unrecognized.”

Mayor Kathy Rose, Dawn Stahlheber, PCEDC Vice-Chair Lauren Kepler, PCEDC Chair Scott Zigler

Riverside Community Development Award winner: PFG Vistar

Vistar was one of the very first companies to locate in Horizons Business Park and is another industry leading business to choose Riverside for their regional operations. Dawn Stahlheber says Vistar chose Platte County as it is centrally located for employees in the metro and the area met all of their operational needs. Vistar continues to see tremendous growth in the Midwest within the channels they serve, from vending to theater, hospitality, and their value segments.

Mayor Rose says, “We’re thrilled to be a partner with Vistar for almost 10 years. They have been a partner with the city from the beginning, supporting our F/PAL program which supports at risk youth, the annual senior Christmas dinner serving more than 300 residents each year, and the junior police academy.”

Mayor Tony Paolillo, Patty Farr, Chair Scott Zigler, Vice-Chair Lauren Kepler

Platte City Community Development Award winner: Patty Farr

Patty is the owner/broker of REMAX House of Dreams, located in Platte City where she and her 25 real estate agents are dedicated to helping clients find the home of their dreams. In addition to real estate, she owns a construction company “Homes by Patty Farr” which currently has 15 new homes being built in Platte County. She is also working on developing over 100 acres of Windmill Creek, located within Platte City city limits.

Patty is a dedicated member of the Platte City community and is always happy to give back whenever she can. This includes scholarships to high school students and coordinating the kids derby at the fairgrounds. She says, “We want to be a family-oriented business. We try to be humble and we never forget where we came from. It’s just good to give back.”

Mayor Dean Katerndahl, Vice-Chair Lauren Kepler, Dale Brouk, Chair Scott Zigler

Parkville Community Development Award winner: Dale Brouk

Dale is a Parkville resident who has made positive contributions to the community not only through his developments with Fivestar Lifestyles, but the time he spends giving back to Parkville. He says he loves what he’s doing within the community and enjoys being able to give back to a place that has given him so much. His charity gives back each year by donating to numerous food banks to help those in need in Parkville and throughout the Northland. He has a strong commitment to helping Parkville grow and continuing to make it a special place to live.

Mayor Katerndahl says “Dale gives his time to multiple organizations throughout Platte County, including his service on the Parkville EDC Board where he currently serves as Vice-Chair. The time he spends participating in community and economic development initiatives helps these organizations grow and flourish in Parkville.”

Kansas City Community Development Award winner: Niagara Bottling

PCEDC Executive Director Tina Chace, James Coats, Mark Layton, Chair Scott Zigler, Vice-Chair Lauren Kepler

Niagara Bottling was first introduced to the Kansas City metro as Project 8 back in 2020, becoming operational in January of this year. Headquartered in Diamond Bar, CA, Niagara is a leading beverage manufacturer in the US, working closely with some of the largest brands, retailers, grocers, club, and convenience stores throughout the country. Their family approach and company culture are what sets them apart and has enabled their success for almost 60 years. Most of their local Team Members at the Platte County plant come from our region and exhibit community pride by engaging in community events and activities.

Niagara is also committed to enriching the lives of youth in our community and recently supported the Regnier Family Wonderscope Children’s Museum.

The company continues to grow substantially through new opportunities in beverage manufacturing, including manufacturing sports drinks for a large brand at their new Platte County facility. We are excited that Niagara is conveniently located within our community and look forward to seeing all of your continued success.

2022 Business Excellence Awards

The Business Excellence Awards are an honor roll of businesses that have made significant investments in the creation and retention of jobs and quality of life in Platte County.

PCEDC Executive Director Tina Chace, Aaron Schmidt, Mike Bell, Hunt Midwest President & CEO Ora Reynolds, Chair Scott Zigler, Vice-Chair Lauren Kepler

Hunt Midwest

Hunt Midwest is a full-service real estate company owned by the Lamar Hunt family. In March of this year, the company excitedly announced the KCI 29 Logistics Park, the largest logistics park development and mega site in the State of Missouri with 3,300 acres. This development allows for immediate access to not only Interstates 29 and 435, but air cargo operations as it is adjacent to the Kansas City International Airport. This mega site has the ability to attract large manufacturing, large industrial, and other mega site type companies to Kansas City.

Since the 1990s, Hunt Midwest’s main focus in Platte County has been residential development and communities. However, the new KCI 29 Logistics will be a 20 plus year transformative project for Platte County and the Northland.

PCEDC Executive Director Tina Chace, Chair Scott Zigler, Vice-Chair Lauren Kepler, Deprice Taylor, Ben Aken

KC Current

In June of this year, KC Current unveiled its brand new $18 million training complex in Riverside, MO. Conveniently located off of I-635 and Horizons Parkway, this facility is part of the team’s aspiration to set the standard for the future of women’s sports. It was designed to focus on all aspects of player health, as well as fostering player community and promoting physical and mental wellness. The complex also includes nearby trails and an outdoor roof deck with views of downtown Kansas City.

President Allison Howard mentions that the authenticity of the community members is what she likes most about Platte County. She says, “If you show you are here for the right reason, the community absolutely rallies behind it. They want to support it, they want to know more about it, and they want to get to know you. This has really shown us we made the right decision to be here in Platte County.”

PCEDC Executive Director Tina Chace, Vice-Chair Lauren Kepler, Richard Chaves (and son Richard), Chair Scott Zigler

The Ambassador Building

Located one mile east of the Kansas City International Airport, The Ambassador Building is a 272,000 square foot facility with Class A office space and soon the home to Peachy Parking. The Chaves Family has been busy completing millions of dollars in renovations since acquiring the building, including the addition of a micro market and an office co-working option through Cowork KCI. Additionally, a new entrance has been approved, which will provide easier access to the complex and surrounding development.

Richard Chaves, a third-generation owner of the family business, says they initially came to Kansas City to purchase land around the Ambassador Building to build an airport parking facility but ended up purchasing the entire building. Since purchasing the building, occupancy has gone from 30% to over 80% and continuing to grow.

Individual Awards

The Individual Awards recognize individuals within the community who have been outstanding partners to the organization and shown great leadership in Platte County. Without these individuals, both Platte County and the EDC would not be prepared for takeoff

Vice-Chair Lauren Kepler, Chair Scott Zigler, PCEDC Executive Director Tina Chace

Chairman Award

This year’s Chairman Award was presented to none other than Platte County EDC’s chairman, Scott Zigler. Scott stepped into the role this year ready to help take the organization and Platte County to the next level. His dedication to the Platte County EDC is strong and goes far beyond attending monthly meetings. He has been an excellent leader for this organization and for development in general in Platte County and the Northland. Scott, thank you for your dedication to PCEDC not only during your time as chairman, but for your tenure on the board and executive committee.

PCEDC Executive Director Tina Chace, Pat Klein, Vice-Chair Lauren Kepler, Chair Scott Zigler

Rainmaker Award

This award recognizes an individual who is truly a rainmaker for Platte County and the City of Kansas City. In 2017, the residents of Kansas City overwhelming voted to approve a new airport terminal, which is the largest single infrastructure project in Kansas City’s history. This individual has been instrumental in leading the charge and ensuring everything remains “on time and on budget”, preparing for the terminal’s grand opening in just a few short months. During his 25-year tenure with the city he’s worked on many projects, but this historical development shows his true testament to our region and its continued economic growth. Congratulations to Pat Klein, the winner of the Rainmaker Award.

Legacy Award

PCEDC Executive Director Tina Chace, Alicia Stephens, Chair Scott Zigler, Vice-Chair Lauren Kepler

The Legacy Award honors an individual who has dedicated most of their career (and some of their retirement) to both the Platte County community and the EDC. They have worked fiercely and tirelessly to ensure that Platte County is one of the best places to live, work, and play in the metro and continues to be a strong advocate for our county. Many of the projects they have seen through to fruition started as mere conversations in the Platte County Resource Center board room, and can now proudly be touted as the new KCI Airport Terminal and the Central Bank Sporting Complex. Without their guidance over this last year, the EDC team would be in a much different place (and possibly strait jackets). Congratulations to Alicia Stephens, the winner of our inaugural Legacy Award. You truly embody the spirit of Platte County!

Thank you to Mason Baugh, Anja Chace, Landyn Goldberg, and Brady Stark for your assistance with our photos and the video below. These students are part of the Northland CAPS Digital Media and Design program, which gives high school students the opportunity to develop technical skills within graphic design, digital photography, video productions, and audio production. We are truly appreciate this group and are grateful for their assistance this semester!