2022 Q1 Member Luncheon: KCI Terminal Update

Allison Schultz News

The Platte County Economic Development Council (PCEDC) hosted its first Quarterly Member Luncheon on Friday, March 4, 2022, at the KCI Expo Center. Sponsored by Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate and JE Dunn, the luncheon featured a panel of individuals from the Kansas City Aviation Department and Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate who provided an update on the progress of the new KCI Airport Terminal.

PCEDC Chairman Scott Zigler of Zona Rosa kicked off the luncheon by recognizing many of the elected officials, high-level PCEDC investors, board members, and special guests in attendance. Recognition was also given to new PCEDC investors, including Aristocrat Realty, The Ambassador Building, and an increase of investment from Dillingham Enterprises.

The panel discussion was moderated by Tim Cowden, President & CEO of the Kansas City Area Development Council. The two panelists featured from the Kansas City Aviation Department were Pat Klein, Director of Aviation, and Justin Meyer, Deputy Director of Aviation – Marketing & Air Service Development. The panelist featured from Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate was Virginia Dobesh, Development Manager.

The key phrase of the afternoon was “on time and on budget,” with the panel stating that the new terminal is exactly one year from opening. Inclusivity and accessibility were two important aspects of this project, with a strong emphasis on just how detailed the team was in planning for the needs of every single person utilizing the new terminal. Workforce was also discussed and the panel noted that many of the jobs created to build the terminal will turn into full-time positions once the project is complete.

To learn more about the new KCI Terminal project, visit BuildKCI.com. Check out the video below to view the January 2022 progress.