Platte County Economic Development Council Endorses Ballot Questions

Allison Schultz News

The Platte County Economic Development Council (PCEDC) unanimously voted at its July meeting to endorse the upcoming sales tax ballot questions. In August, voters will consider the extension of a county-wide reduced parks and stormwater control sales tax and the inclusion of a dedicated law enforcement sales tax.

“These sales tax questions are very important to future economic development of Platte County and equally important to maintaining our quality of life.  I’m excited that our Board made this endorsement,” said Matt Tapp, Executive Director of the PCEDC.

Tapp points out that if both measures pass, the total tax impact will be net neutral due to the 2020 sunset of the current ½ cent stormwater and parks tax. He suggests the past 20-year investment in parks needs to be supported by an ongoing budget. Tapp also points out that law enforcement is an essential function of county government, and it currently has no dedicated funding.

“The effects of lack of funding are apparent in the number of openings and the high rate of turnover, and it won’t be long until we see even more impact in the safety of our communities if we don’t address law enforcement needs now,” he said. Tax revenue cannot be used for construction of jail or other facilities.

The Platte County Economic Development Council is a non-profit corporation with a mission to promote, enhance and grow economic development in Platte County, Missouri. The EDC works to improve the business environment, workforce, and the quality of life in our communities.

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