29th Annual Business Excellence Awards

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The Platte County Economic Development Council celebrated its 29th Annual Business Excellence Luncheon on Friday, December 6th at the Embassy Suites KCI.  Since 1991, the Platte County EDC has given 183 Business Excellence Awards.  The main event sponsor was the Kansas City Aviation Department, Bank of Weston sponsored a gift item to all guests, Five Star Lifestyles was the award sponsor, Zona Rosa was the presentation sponsor and Embassy Suites sponsored the VIP reception.

The theme for this year’s event was “Sky’s the Limit” which highlighted the growth, development and opportunities in Platte County and the goal to strive to continue to build and grow the county and go past limits.

Six Platte County companies were awarded Business Excellence awards for job creation and/or significant expansion and investment projects. These companies contributed over $88,000,000 in investments, filled in 441,687 square-feet of space and created 418 new jobs and totaled over 2,000 total jobs.

“The annual Business Excellence Luncheon allowed the theme Sky’s The Limit to really take off.  2019 ushered in changes for the organization; however, through these changes we are able to set a course for a new horizon. This theme truly represents where I want to see the organization head into 2020,” said Executive Director, Matt Tapp. “I would like to extend a huge thank you to each and every sponsor, elected official, and investor member for all your support. Your unending dedication to our unified mission of advancing Platte County does not go unnoticed. Hold on tight as we lift off to a bright future! Make sure to follow our journey upward on social media.”

A pictorial of the event can be found at plattecountyedc.com.

Education Partner Awards

The Platte County EDC added a new award category this year to recognize businesses that are investing in their future by interacting with school districts and students. The Platte County EDC in cooperation with the Park Hill School District and Platte County R-3 School District recognized two businesses who have proven to be outstanding partners to Platte County education providers.

Martin Marietta’s Chris Bollinger, Haldex Brake Products, Helmut Derra, Park Hill School District Superintendent Jeanette Cowherd, Platte County R-3 School District Superintendent Mike Reik and PCEDC Chair Dale Brouk

Martin Marietta 
Martin Marietta has been a great education partner with the Platte County R3 School District. Martin Marietta participated in an employer panel hosted at Northland Career Center, assisted in mock interviews, provided constructive feedback to students and signed on one student as an intern heavy equipment operator and another student for potential employment in the summer.

Haldex Brake Products 
Haldex Brake Product Corporation has been a great education partner with the Park Hill School District and Platte County R-3 School District. Haldex provided learning opportunities for students about the different component functions of their systems and softwares. Haldex also donated brake products, provided input and training for the Diesel Technology program at the Northland Career Center, as well as participated in advisory roles and provided tours of their facility.

2019 Community Development Awards

The Community Development Award recognizes civic and business leadership in five Platte County communities. Each of the businesses recognized is a successful and integral part of Platte County, capturing the spirit of community far beyond serving their customers’ needs.

Tin Kitchen Owner, Sean O’Malley, City of Weston Mayor Steven George, and Platte County Commissioner John Elliott

Weston Community Development Award winner: Tin Kitchen
In October 2014, Sean O’Malley opened Tin Kitchen in downtown historic Weston to serve up pecan-wood-smoked meats cooked low and slow for up to 16 hours and serves up other Southern favorites. Owner, Sean O’Malley and his family have owned and operated a business in Weston, since 1977. Tin Kitchen won First Place in Joe’s BBQ Quest, ranked First Place in USA Today 10 Best Ribs in Missouri and The Top 20 BBQ Restaurants in the KC Area.

City of Riverside Mayor Kathy Rose, Jeff Ferguson and Platte County Commissioner John Elliot

Riverside Community Development Award winner: Zimmer Biomet

Established in 1997, Dornoch Medical Systems, the premier manufacturer of fluid management systems in the country, was acquired by Zimmer Biomet in 2012.

Products are assembled and shipped from their central manufacturing facility in Riverside, and supported by a nationwide sales force. They have received recognitions for Business Unit and New Product Launch of the year.

In 2013, they moved from their original location in Riverside to a building double the size. The close proximity to the airport and ease of highway access is their primary reason for remaining in the Riverside community. Zimmer Biomet supports a number of community-based educational, civic and cultural activities carried out by non-profit organizations in the Platte County region.

City of Platte City Mayor Frank Offutt, Dr. Adam Naler, Platte City Commissioners John Elliott and Dagmar Wood

Platte City Community Development Award winner: Adam Naler, D.D.S. Family Dentistry

Adam Naler, D.D.S. Family Dentistry opened their practice in Platte City in 2007 and has expanded their office, providing more space. The additional space has provided the opportunity to see more patients.
Dr. Naler is dedicated to the Platte City community and volunteering by going to local schools to help students understand the importance of dental hygiene. Adam Naler, D.D.S. Family Dentistry also participates in the Platte County Health Department’s annual Health Fair.

Parkville Community Development Award winner: Cathy Kline Art Gallery
In November 2014, Cathy Kline moved her art gallery into the Parkville depot building, allowing her access to historic downtown Parkville and a reminder of Parkville’s rich railroad history.

Cathy Kline involves the community in various events, including inviting artists from all over the country for the annual Paint Parkville event, where artists set up their easels around town for the week. Cathy herself is an accomplished artist with 34 years of experience and notable recognition’s. Cathy gives back to the community by teaching classes to all ages with various mediums and has assisted other area businesses, including the Main Street Parkville Association.

Commissioner Dagmar Wood, Patricia Jensen, Councilwoman Teresa Loar, Councilman Dan Fowler and Jim Bowers

Kansas City Community Development Award winner: Rouse Frets White Goss Gentile Rhodes, P.C.
Rouse Frets White Goss Gentile Rhodes, P.C., has been an instrumental partner in the economic growth and development of Platte County. The attorneys at Rouse Frets White Goss Gentile Rhodes have been involved in the development of Kansas City and Platte County for over 20 years.
The Firm has been involved in all areas of Platte County and is proud of the developments that have been and are being constructed including QuikTrips throughout the County, Thoroughbred Ford, Altitude 970, Watermark at Tiffany Springs, Realignment of N.W. Prairie View Road through the formation of the Park Plaza TDD and Tremont Square TDD, recently opened Hilton Garden Inn, Costco, Twin Creeks Village, Twin Creeks Sewers, Creekside, KCI and many more. The Firm looks forward to continuing to assist in the quality growth of Platte County.

2019 Business Excellence Awards

The Business Excellence Awards are an honor roll of businesses which have made significant investments in the creation and retention of jobs and quality of life in Platte County.

PCEDC Chair Dale Brouk, Are You Game’s Kelli Teague, and Presiding Commissioner Ron Schieber

Are You Game?
Founded in 1998, e-commerce Are You Game.com boasts a combined 100 years of experience in the games and puzzles business. In 2014, University Games acquired Are You Game, which is now the Largest Game & Puzzle Store on the Planet.  In 2019, Are You Game, opened an e-commerce fulfillment, light-assembly and distribution center investing more than $7Min Kansas City, Missouri.  Are You Game has hired 100 seasonal employees in addition to nine permanent jobs.

PCEDC Chair Dale Brouk, Hilton Garden Inn/Old Chicago at KCI Airport’s Katie Elliott, Tera Woods, and Presiding Commissioner Ron Schieber

Hilton Garden Inn/Old Chicago at KCI Airport

The Hilton Garden Inn/Old Chicago at KCI Airport opened its doors August 2019. The hotel added 125 jobs — full- or part-time — and has 100 rooms and three meeting rooms totaling 1600 square- foot. Hilton Garden Inn and Old Chicago at KCI Airport offers hospitality, service and attention to detail.The Hilton Garden Inn onsite new restaurant is Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom. There guests can order hand-crafted specialty pizzas and have draft and craft beer available on the menu.Hilton Garden Inn and Old Chicago at KCI Airport shows a commitment to the investment in Platte County.

PCEDC Chair Dale Brouk, M&M Transport Service’s Ryan Magruder, and Presiding Commissioner Ron Schieber

M&M Transport Services
In 2018, M&M Transport Services, Inc. broke ground in Platte County and moved into a brand new 6000 square foot building to service CVS Midwest Distribution Center. They currently provide short and long haul services to 325 CVS pharmacies in 12 states.  The service between CVS Midwest Distribution Center and M&M Transport Services will strengthen the area’s growth by providing jobs and additional future services, not only for CVS Health but for other industries in the county as well.  M&M Transport Services has created 37 jobs in Platte County.

PCEDC Chair Dale Brouk, Orange EV’s Tim Needham, and Presiding Commissioner Ron Schieber

Orange EV
Orange EV was founded in 2012 in a 2,000-square-foot building in Riverside by CEO Wayne Mathisen. In 2019, Orange EV has grown and moved into a 52,000-square-foot production facility in Horizons Industrial Park. The company has reached 53 employees and has 60 commercial fleet customers. Orange EV is in the process of developing several new products, including trucks with pulling power and speed, and highly efficient charging stations. Orange EV new building and growth will allow the organization to take advantage of all the new opportunities in Platte County.

PCEDC Chair Dale Brouk, Park Hill Board President Bart Klein, Park Hill Superintendent Jeanette Cowherd, and Presiding Commissioner Ron Schieber

Park Hill School District
Park Hill School District continues to grow and expand as they have opened two new schools, Hopewell Elementary and Walden Middle School and they are in the process of opening two new facilities, The LEAD Innovation Studio and Support Services & Transportation Center. The Parkhill School District through these new two schools created 103 new jobs.

Hopewell Elementary and Walden Middle School opened in the fall of 2019.LEAD Innovation Studio will open in fall 2020. LEAD Innovation Studio is an optional high school program. It offers personalized, project-based learning with hands-on professional experiences for all kinds of students from all over the district who decide to enroll. Support Services & Transportation Center will open in winter of 2020 and the center will allow Park Hill School district to own space for their buses, in hopes get more competitive bids for transportation services.

PCEDC Chair Dale Brouk, Saint Luke’s North Hospital’s Dan Malanowski, and Presiding Commissioner Ron Schieber

Saint Luke’s North Hospital
Saint Luke’s North Hospital continues to grow in Platte County as they expanded its medical and surgical specialties, most recently with a multi-million dollar renovation of the emergency department. The renovation included additional rooms, room upgrades, three new fast-track bays, security enhancements, and a new waiting area. 25467 square feet were renovated and added 8 new jobs. Saint Luke’s North Hospital continues to make headlines as they were recently voted Saint Luke’s North Hospital-Barry Road “Best Emergency Room” in the Courier Tribune’s 2019 Best of the Northland.

The Platte County Economic Development Council is a non-profit corporation with a mission to promote, enhance and grow economic development in Platte County, Missouri.  The organization works hard to improve the business sector, the workforce environment and the quality of life in Platte County communities. Its efforts with key economic development partners, focus on business retention, attraction and expansion.