Retirement Announcement

PCEDC Staff News

Alicia Stephens, Executive Director of the Platte County Economic Development Council, has announced that she will retire by the end of this year. Stephens is completing her second stint with the PCEDC, this one for seven years as its director. She will be retained as Special Projects Coordinator and will focus on successful completion of the Northland Sports Complex.

PCEDC Chairman Dale Brouk said, “We have known for two years that this announcement day would be here before we knew it. For the last several years we have been planning and working toward critical items such as our new strategic plan, a financial reserve, taskforce work plans, the Northland Sports Complex and a better KCI. All of these accomplishments put us in an excellent position as we announce that Alicia will retire before the end of the year. Through two stints with the PCEDC she has dedicated almost twenty years of her 26-year economic development career with us. To many, she is the Platte County EDC. We can’t thank her enough for her passion and professionalism about Platte County. She has always said she does this work so that people have jobs and financial security for their families in a community known for its quality of life. We can confidently say . . . mission accomplished, Alicia.”

Alicia explained, “My husband retired from the airline industry over six years ago. He has been very patiently waiting for me to say ‘it’s time.’ Well, it’s time. I love Platte County and I will continue to be its most passionate advocate. And I love economic development and will miss the work tremendously but it’s time for some road trips with my 47-year partner in crime.” She continued to note, “I have so many people to thank for their support over the decades. What a wonderful profession this has been for me; so rewarding and fulfilling. I am grateful for the opportunity as Special Projects Coordinator to continue the work on the Northland Sports Complex.”

Brouk noted that, “the PCEDC search committee has started the process to find a talented and energetic economic development professional to lead the organization into the future. We expect to move quickly in our search for a new director.”

Interested in becoming our Executive Director? Know someone who would be?

Economic development professionals with 3-5 years of experience who are interested in the Executive Director position should send a cover letter, resume and references to The compensation package is competitive in our market. Platte County residency is not required so moving expenses will not be covered. A PCEDC panel will review all submissions and contact submitters via email for next steps. The PCEDC will accept resumes until July 15th. View the full job description here.