Northland Legislative Luncheon

PCEDC Staff News

On Tuesday, May 21, the Platte County Economic Development Council in partnership with the Northland Regional Chamber and Clay County Economic Development Council, held the annual Northland Joint Luncheon at the Embassy Suites KCI. Sponsored by George K. Baum, the luncheon featured a panel of northland legislators and included:

  • Senator Lauren Arthur, District 17
  • Senator Dan Hegeman, District 12
  • Senator Tony Luetkemeyer, District 34
  • House Representative Jon Carpenter, District 15
  • House Representative Mark Ellebracht, District 17
  • House Representative Doug Richey, District 38
  • House Representative Wes Rogers, District 18
  • House Representative Matt Sain, District 14
  • House Representative Brenda Shields, District 11

More than 275 people attended the lunch, including local business people, elected officials and the organizations major partners.

PCEDC Vice Chairman, Michael Duffy with the City of Riverside served as moderator. Questions were asked on topics such as transportation infrastructure solutions – one project specifically discussed, the Buck O’Neil Bridge. Education and workforce were also prominent topics along with the restructuring of Missouri Department of Economic Development, Division of Workforce Development and Department of Higher Education.  

Lastly, the legislators shared what they hoped to accomplish next session that they were not able to achieve this session. There were a few common themes, including the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), affordable housing, affordable health care, the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act, transportation funding, and education issues.