Platte County Labor Availability Assessment

PCEDC Staff News

The Platte County EDC engaged the Docking Institute of Public Affairs to provide a labor study report to assess the available labor pool within the Platte County Labor Basin. The Docking Institute conducted research and 1,090 phone surveys within the labor basin to complete the assessment. We are excited to share the findings with you.

A special thank you to our sponsors: Kansas City Aviation Department, Spire Energy, KCP&L, An Evergy Company, City of Riverside, and EDC of Kansas City.

The labor analysis approach is summarized below. You can view the full report at Labor Availability Assessment.

Approach for Labor Analysis
• Who is available for full-time work?
• What are the characteristics of available workers?
• Do available workers possess needed skills or experiences to fill potential jobs?
• Are available workers willing to commute for a new or different job?
• What are the wage and benefit demands of available workers?
• Will available workers travel the necessary distance to the job site – and at what wages?

Platte County Labor Basin
• 8 County Area
• 1,990,136 Population
• 1,058,004 Civilian Labor Force
• 1,018,068 Employed
• Survey conducted in Oct 18 – Dec 21, 2018
• We estimate the region’s Available Labor Pool to be 662,325

Approach to Estimate Available Labor Pool
Civilian Labor Force + Discouraged Workers +
Homemakers + Students + Military + Retired
Those that indicate they are not available for a job or new job