Summer intern recaps time with the Platte County EDC

PCEDC Staff News

                         Taryn Firkens

The summer of 2018 has been one of learning and new experiences. PCEDC’s summer intern position was filled by Taryn Firkins, a strategic communications student at Oklahoma State University and Platte County R-III graduate.

The past eight weeks have flown by. I started my summer off interning at the Platte County EDC. The first few days, I met board members, other members of the EDC, business owners, developers and city representatives at meetings and luncheons. I was able to do a write-up for the Annual Joint Luncheon and help prepare for the celebration of the PCEDC’s 30 Years of Success.  This position has opened up so many opportunities for my future and my career path.

The entire summer was busy with new and existing projects. I attended many early morning meetings and took detailed notes, so I could create minutes. The minutes were written for board meetings, executive committee meetings and KCI Are Development meetings.

I was able to pick up the ins and outs of the technologies used and lighten the load for the staff. I frequently used the information system Location One. I used Location One to keep the PCEDC website up-to-date after reviewing real estate websites specific to Platte County. I added available sites and buildings to the website to keep it as accurate as possible. I also became familiar with One Note and even more familiar with the analytics of Twitter.

This internship gave me insight on the way things work for not only the Platte County EDC, but in Kansas City and the surrounding areas- including the businesses and schools. I learned how everything works and fits together among the staff members.