Platte County still #1 for Quality of Life in Missouri

PCEDC Staff News

Platte County again ranked #1 out of Missouri’s 115 counties for quality of life, according to a report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Platte also ranked #2 in the state for health factors.

Released annually, the County Health Rankings compare the health of nearly all counties in the United States to others within its own state.  The rankings look at social, economic and environmental influences on health including education, jobs, housing, exercise and commute times.

Platte County led the state for quality of life and length of life in the health outcomes category. In the health factors area, Platte County was #2 in the state with areas of strength including access to exercise opportunities. Another area of strength was Social & Economic Factors, and the county was ranked #2 due in part to high school graduation rate and low unemployment rate.

Platte County supports an economic environment that results in safe neighborhoods and healthy business sectors – retail, office, and industrial – including the KCI Airport. Public investment in a reliable transportation network contributes directly to private investments that result in resident happiness.

The report confirms what we know – Platte County is the premier place to live,” said Alicia Stephens, Executive Director of the Platte County Economic Development Council. “Being #1 is the state shows that our commitment to our citizenry is making a difference.  Public-private partnerships in parks, transportation infrastructure, economic development and education keep us in the #1 spot in the State.”

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