Zona Rosa wins two ICSC Maxi Awards

PCEDC Staff News

Platte County’s Zona Rosa took home two ICSC Maxi Awards Monday night in Las Vegas at the ICSC Maxi Awards.

Zona Rosa took home a Gold Award for its creative holiday campaign “12 Days of Facebook Live” event in the Digital/Social Media category.

Zona Rosa’s ’12 Days of Facebook Live” promotion is shown at the 2017 ICSC Maxi Awards

A second, unexpected, award was given to Zona Rosa in a special distinction category: ‘Best Digital marketing Campaigns with a budget of less than $10,000’.

Rosemary Salerno, General Manager at Zona Rosa, accepts one of two MAXI awards Sunday night in Las Vegas.

The U.S. MAXI Awards recognize innovative events, programs and technology that add value to shopping centers and companies across the United States. Categories are designed to recognize the evolution of the industry, while rewarding creativity and innovation. Entry guidelines are designed to be implemented digitally in order to highlight strategy, results, and success, without excessive disturbance to workflow and undue added expense. This simplified process, also takes into account a discount based on multiple entries per developer.

Full details about the 2017 ICSC Maxi Award winners can be found here.