Member Spotlight: Zona Rosa

PCEDC StaffNews


Since its grand opening in the Spring of 2004, Zona Rosa has drawn millions of visitors annually.   Zona Rosa is not just in the retail business; instead, it’s in the place-making business.   The innovative mix of retail, dining and entertainment, paired with our signature leisure space component, creates a place for visitors to shop, relax, have fun and do everything in between.

And Zona Rosa isn’t simply a place to eat, drink and shop.   With 97,000 square feet of office space and 73 residential apartments, Zona Rosa is a desirable address – and an exciting, convenient place to live, work and play.   Zona Rosa’s Town Square is the place for community gatherings.  Local festivals and events fill the sidewalks and time-honored traditions in the Northland are celebrated throughout the year.

Zona Rosa has also fully integrated itself into Kansas City’s past.  Reviving several prominent traditions that were lost to time (including the Kansas City Christmas Crowns, The Kansas City Museum’s Fairy Princess, The Kansas City Easter Parade, and the Kansas City Museum’s Igloo), Zona Rosa has secured itself as a true fixture in the community.   Get ready – the 2016 Northern Lights Holiday Lighting Ceremony will take place Saturday, November 19th and officially kick-off the holiday season.

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