PCEDC Member Tour Held at Engaged Companies

PCEDC Staff News

A member tour was held at Engage Companies in Parkville with 15 attending to learn more about the growing business, which spans the logistics, technology, finance, and education sectors. Members had the opportunity to hear from the founder, Chad Earwood, on the how the company started and where they are today. Engaged companies operates off five core values: faith, family, integrity, loyalty, and maximizing potential. The company began as a team of one in 2004 in Chad’s private home and moved into a new 30,000 square foot building in 2015 in Parkville. Engaged Companies considered other options when it was clear it needed more office space but decided to make a lifelong commitment to Parkville and making an impact there a priority for the company.  The businesses under the Engaged Companies umbrella include: eShipping, eShipping Exchange, Engaged Expedited, Engaged Technologies, Engaged Financial, Engaged Insurance, Engaged Real Estate and Engaged Youth Academy. Click here to learn more about Engaged Companies.

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