Featured Investor: Mosaic Life Care

PCEDC Staff News


Mosaic Life Care focuses on quality and innovative health care to meet today’s patients where they are. With seven locations in the Northland providing primary, urgent and specialty care, Mosaic Life Care continues to expand its services in the Northland.

Life care is more than health care. Mosaic Life Care understands that consumers seeking to improve their health today want fast, convenient and accessible care. Mosaic Life Care offers same-day appointments, eVisits (virtual doctor’s visit via a computer or mobile device) and very soon, online appointment scheduling, all focused on providing the best patient experience possible.

The organization has applied this same mindset of quality, convenience and access to care into the workplace as their Business Solutions segment of services has grown tremendously within the last year.

The Wellness Council of America indicates that for every $1 a company spends on employee wellness programs, it gains $5.81 in value. Mosaic Life Care Business Solutions offers fully integrated on-site workplace health and wellness solutions that help lower employee health-care costs and increase productivity.

For more information about Mosaic Life Care, visit myMosaicLifeCare.org