Featured Investor: KCP&L

PCEDC Staff News

KCP&L’s commitment to the Platte County EDC goes beyond its membership investment. In addition to delivering comparatively affordable energy to its Platte County customers, KCP&L’s Economic Development Department provides expertise and resources that help Platte County maintain its position as a competitive place to do business. KCP&L is often “at the table” with the Platte County EDC and its prospects to discuss electric rates and potential discounts through the Economic Development Rider tariff.

KCP&L is a leader in environmental sustainability. In addition to its Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs and on-going investment in Wind and Solar Energy, KCP&L plans to install and operate more than 1,000 electric vehicle charging stations including locations in Platte County. KCP&L’s Clean Charge Network is the largest electric vehicle charging station installation by an electric utility in the United States. Through partnerships with companies at host locations and with Nissan Motor Company, the Clean Charge Network will offer free charging on every station to all drivers for the first two years.

KCP&L partners with real estate developers of large greenfield sites in Platte County to ensure electric infrastructure is planned or in place to meet the needs of tenants in future business parks. Through the KCP&L Economic Development Toolbox, the Platte County EDC benefits from utility training, scholarships and on-line resources at reduced or no cost. For more information about KCP&L Economic Development, please go to www.kcpled.com.